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Custom Jewelry

One of a kind Bracelet
Hollow fabricated sterling silver and 18k gold with emerald cabochons.Price $3200.00 
Diamond Anniversary Broach
Diamond Anniversary Broach Pendant
Commissioned for a 50th Wedding Anniversary when a single long stemmed rose just wouldn't be enough for this music lover (1 ct. diamond, 1oz. 18 Kt. gold.)
Diamond Marquis and Ruby Ring
Diamond Marquise and Ruby Ring
Marquise Diamond Ring: 18k with 2.85ct marquise diamond, 1.8ct tw ruby and 1.2ct tw diamond.  
Mexican Opal Bracelet
Mexican Opal Bracelet
Sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.
3 Diamond Band

Diamond Neckpiece
Sphere Neckpiece
Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Emerald Ring
18K Emerald and Diamond Ring
Benitoite_Lapis Lapel Pin
Benitoite and Lapis Lapel Pin
Pearl Earrings
Modular Pearl Earrings with interchangeable components
Concave Cones
Michael's Cone Earring
Crab Ring