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The Liscum Bowl Restoration process
Removing The Dragon Handles
Originally the five toed dragon handles were lead soldered to the vessel with split posts and washers. The dragons were removed to enable their restoration.
After Applying Siilver Bolts
After the dragon handles were restored' "0 and 2 gauge" sterling silver bolts were created and silver soldered to the dragons to reapply them with silver washers and nuts.

This image shows a typical sterling silver patch where prior lead repairs had deteriorated the original silver beyond structural integrity.
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Soldering Inner Liner
After all lead was excised from the inner liner numerous silver repairs were made with torch and high temperature silver solder.

The inner liner was forged back to its original form while removing dents and creases.
Michael Schwartz
Mr. Schwartz working on one of the four 18" chased handles
Click here to see a short quicktime movie of cleaning the Liscum Bowl