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Quicktime Workshops & Demos
Demo of a bronze gravity pour at Creative Metalworks
Liscum Bowl
This clip illustrates the awsome scale of the Liscum Bowl, all sterling silver repousse' work 40" across and 24" tall weighing 90 Lbs.
Click here to learn more about the Liscum Bowl
Casting Workshop
This is a short centrifugal casting workshop from wax-work to finishing the casting
More demos and workshops coming soon!
Kink Abdulla
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Fox 5 News at Creative Metalworks: Introduction
Fox 5 News at Creative Metalworks: Fabrication
Fox 5 News at Creative Metalworks: Casting
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David Huang Chasing Demo
David Huang Planishing Demo
David Huang: About Wax Removal
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Ronda Coryell Demo_Overfire
Ronda Coryell Demo_Droplets
Wayne Mokume Workshop
John Cogswell Video
Creative Metalworks ArtCAM