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Hollow Fabricated Objet d'art
Mobius Sculpture Sterling Silver
Mobius Sculpture
"This Mobius represents the unity of our family, embodies our nurturing and mutual support and symbolizes the eternal love we have for one another."
Toothpick Holder
Toothpick Holder
This reticulated silver and gold vessel holds 8-10 toothpicks,a days supply; yet are served one at a time. If you do run out there is always the 24K gold backup
Sugar & Creamer set
Hand Fabricated Sugar and Creamer Set
IEEE Goblets
Computer Entrepreneur Award" Goblets
Commissioned by the IEEE Computer Society.
Presented to Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, among others

Sterling silver wine cups
Sterling Silver Wine Goblets
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"Forged Fabrication is unquestionably the most satisfying of metals techniques. Like no other, it allows you to explore the plastic attributes of metal in a spontaneous and participatory way." MS
Michael Schwartz
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Concave cones
Concave Cones
Sterling and 18K Earrings