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Medalic Items II

Georetown Preparatory School
This is a more sophisticated CAD relief where the 3D Art can be resized or even wrapped around other forms.
Dept. of Agriculture Medal
Seaman Knapp Medal
This medal illustrates a hand sculpted bas relief in sterling silver on a bronze background. Created annually for the Department of Agriculture.

Medallion for The Intnl. Society of Plastic Surgery
This integrated silver and bonze medal uses a unique piped velvet cord and custom hanging fixture.
Asia Society Medal
Asia Society Leadreship Award
This original presentation approach enables the medal to be worn and later displayed on wall,desk or shelf; then worn again.
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Creative Metalworks employs not only exquisite hand sculpted bas-reliefs but can incorporate state of the art CAD-CAM technologies to produce the highest quality presentations
Simple and elegant sterling on bronze with ebony

Card Holder
Hand sculpted falcon on fabrcated card holder in sterling and 14K gold

MirCorp Medal
Each medal is cast in five ounces of 18K gold
FONZ Medal
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