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Ceremonial Objects II
Crown of Brazil
The Crown Of Brazil
Commissioned by Intergem Corporation, 9" x 9" x 9", sterling silver and 14k gold with 70 Brazilian gems. This piece appeared on the cover of the August 1978 "Lapidary Journal.
Sterling Ship Model
Bags' Boat
After 25 years aboard the Pineapple, with all my love, Captain Bags

The "Man in the Middle Award"
Commissioned by The Mike Davis Foundation , 10" x 12" x 18", Cast bronze and black walnut. Seven of these annual awards have been commissioned to date.
Memorial Plaque
Cast Bronze Memorial Plaque
Hand sculpted bas relief: 12" x 14"
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Design/Fabrication and Casting with Precious Metals and Gems.
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Clark Atlanta U Mace
Clark Atlanta University Mace
by Michael Schwartz
Clark Atlanta University Presidents Medal
Clark Atlanta University Presidential Medal
by Michael Schwartz
Holocaust Elie Wiezel Medal
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